Aiden smirked at the prospect of handcuffing the teacher during sex. He had never considered them as his kink before, he figured he had Trevor or Ash to thank for that. He chuckled as he felt the pleasure of the teacher’s crotch grinding against his. Aiden nodded at Carter’s request before pulling off his own shirt, and tossed it onto the floor, followed by his pants and boxers. “Your turn.” Aiden stated before pushing the teacher onto the bed, climbed onto his lap and pressed the man’s body towards the bed as he started to shove his pants down. Aiden then moved forward, sitting over his hips as he leaned forward for a kiss. “I never thought we’d be fucking on an actual bed.” he admitted with a teasing smile. His bare ass bumped backwards, against the teacher’s erection underneath his boxers as he impatiently worked on the buttons on his shirt.

Carter’s eyes widened at Aiden’s expression when the handcuffs were brought up.  He really did have that overwhelming need to please people, but Carter didn’t bring toys into sex very often.  “You’re so quick,” he muttered in awe as he stared at Aiden’s bared skin and allowed himself to be pushed back onto the bed.  “It is weird, isn’t it?  But I also have a shower, a kitchen, a couch-” He interrupted himself going on about all the places they could ‘christen’ with a groan when Aiden pressed down against his cock.  Carter propped himself up on his elbows and kissed back before shaking his head.  “Allow me,” he said gently, peeling off his own shirt.  The boxers were a bit more on the difficult side being on the bottom.  “You like it up there, don’t you?” Carter asked, keeping his voice casual yet wrapping his hand around the teenager’s cock firmly. 

"Oh, the wonders of youth." Aiden replied sarcastically when The teacher remarked about how quick he was. For the first time he was with Carter, Aiden chuckled at his suggestions for places they could have sex in. "You can fuck me anywhere you want." Aiden teased. He kissed the man again, before his right arm reached for his cock the teacher’s cock an pulled it out of his boxers. "mhhhm." Aiden moaned at the teacher’s question at the touch of his own cock. Aiden broke the kiss and moved backwards, pulling off the man’s boxers and tossed it aside. The boy placed one of Carter’s leg over his shoulder, exposing the teacher’s whole. He looked lustfully into the other’s eyes, slowly sucking on his index finger before slowly pushing it into the teacher’s hole.
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    For the first time in ages, Carter felt content after having sex. Well, it was actually since Carter started having sex....
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    It was so messy between them, their cum-soaked bare bodies pressing against each other like that. Not that Aiden cared,...

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